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The new version of this product now contains 10 strains of beneficial bacteria, including the one that was recommended in British Homing World magazine.


Avi-Culture2 Plus Probiotic: Useful for topping up beneficial bacteria (especially during breeding), or to help crowd out harmful bacteria or to replace lost beneficial bacteria following a course of medication (e.g. anti-biotics). Can be refrigerated to extend shelf life but do not freeze. It is not recommended for use in the drinking water. If this method of feeding is used then the water must be changed within 2 hours. Sprinkle over food or mix in with softfood.

Ensure that you have adequate stocks of this very concentrated bird probiotic before your chicks hatch. Give them the best possible start to life.



Avi-Culture2 Avian Specific Probiotic
Available in 4 sizes 2, 4, 10 & 20oz

Give those newly hatched chicks a good start to life!
Get the good bacteria in Avi-Culture into them straight away via the eggfood or sprinkle over food.

Top up the good bacteria;Crowd out the bad bacteria

4 oz sprinkler/shaker 38.75 + 3.75 postage.

A handy container with holes in the top for sprinkling the probiotic over food.


Buy Now 4 oz Avi-Culture2 Plus sprinkler/shaker (UK & Europe)

Avi-Culture2 Plus Probiotic For Healthy Birds

Avi-Culture2 Plus This is an even more concentrated product. Avi-Culture2 Plus contains very high counts of 10 strains of beneficial bacteria, including 1 that is not available elsewhere! Please note that most probiotics only contain 1 or 2 strains, so Avi-Culture2 Plus is way ahead of the rest! It also includes the strain that was recommended in an article in British Homing World magazine.
International vets are recommending this product and laboratory trials have been successful.
Please note that we can now supply the poultry industry.