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2019 Breeding Preparation

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Buff Consort Cock
Feathers around vent area have been trimmed ready for breeding.

Three Parts Dark Cinnamon Corona Hen

August 27th 2018

Cuttlefish bone present always.

Grit - present always.

Seed mixture - mixed canary seed.

Soft food - egg food, mixed seeds, green food e.g. peas, broccoli.


The Show Season:-

A trophy, 'The Stoakes Flyer' (in memory of my dad), was awarded for the most points scored in the champion section at the Humberside Show. The aim was to award exhibitors for staging good consistent show teams rather than an outstanding individual bird. Additionally, it was hoped that it would encourage exhibitors to enter lots of birds at a show which already attracts 5 to 8 hundred top quality Glosters. The roll of honour is as follows:-

2004   Saunders & Spring (Nottingham)

2005   Kev Stoakes (Scunthorpe)

2006   Steven Gash (Mansfield)

2007   Not Awarded (show cancelled due to avian flu scare)

2008   Dave Rands (Gilberdyke)

2009   Cottrell & Rands

2010   Cottrell & Rands

2011   Cottrell & Rands

2012   Dave Rands (Gilberdyke)

2013   Kev Stoakes (Scunthorpe)

2014   Kev Stoakes (Scunthorpe)

2015 George Nicol (Scunthorpe)

2016 George Nicol (Scunthorpe)

2017 George Nicol (Scunthorpe)

2018 onwards - This trophy will now be awarded for Best Opposite Head in show Join Humberside Gloster Association and enjoy the friendly atmosphere & competition at this year's show in November.

Why 'The Stoakes Flyer'? Well, the name comes from my childhood when my father had a fishing rod made and that was the name which was embossed on it. The year that my bird won the English National was the same year that my dad died. I wanted to do something beneficial for the hobby, attract members to the club and exhibits to the show, whilst also remembering my dad. So I had this silver trophy made and donated it to the Humberside Gloster Association.

Good Luck! I hope you win it and look after it for the next 12 months.

Buff Corona Cock
paired to ->

Three Parts Dark Buff Consort Hen

Variegated Buff Consort Cock
paired to ->

Variegated Buff Corona Hen

Fawn Consort Hen