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World Show, January 2012
This was my first visit to a world show. 5 of us flew to Malaga in Spain and then drove down to Almeria on the south coast. The show was great and included trade stands, breeders' stands and a wide variety of birds on show. The Glosters are shown in white cages, larger than the standard Gloster show cage. This makes the birds appear smaller and can be deceiving. I had judged some of the birds in Portugal last year and these had been in standard Gloster show cages. I studied the results according to the point system and these didn't appear logical. However, any judging can be difficult.
Several countries had stands promoting their hobby and country, some of which offered light snacks and refreshments including wine. The Quiko stand  also welcomed their clientel with champagne, beer and light snacks (thank you guys!). I noticed that their Ardap was cheaper at 10 Euro, than can be obtained in the UK.
Returning to the UK was quite an adventure, first losing the car (and the car park!) in Torremolinos, only just managing to catch the plane, and having a tyre blow out on the motorway at night time!
Nevertheless, a great time was had by all.